Benefits of NFTs for eBooks:

  • True ownership: With NFTs, readers can prove ownership of their eBooks in a way that is verifiable and secure. This means that they can sell or gift their eBooks just like they would with a physical book, without the need for intermediaries.

  • Royalties: In the traditional eBook market, royalties are typically paid out to authors and publishers based on the number of copies sold. With NFTs, a portion of the sale price is automatically allocated to the author and publisher as a royalty, providing a new source of income for these parties.

  • Rights management: NFTs also track and manage the rights associated with an eBook. For example, an NFT could specify that an eBook can only be read a certain number of times, or that it can only be accessed by certain individuals. This helps to prevent piracy and ensures that authors and publishers are fairly compensated for their work.

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