Use of ZDR Token

To facilitate payments and rewards within the NFT eBook system, we use a new cryptocurrency called the ZDR token. The ZDR token is the primary means of payment for NFT eBooks, as well as for any other transactions that take place on the platform (such as the payment of royalties).

The ZDR token is built on a decentralized blockchain, such as Ethereum, and is fully compliant with all relevant regulations. This ensures that it is a secure and trustworthy means of payment, while also providing the benefits of fast and cheap transactions.

In addition to serving as a payment method, the ZDR token also rewards users for their participation in the platform. For example, users who pay for NFT eBooks using the ZDR token receive a discount on their purchase. Similarly, authors and publishers who receive royalties in ZDR are eligible for additional rewards or bonuses.

The use of the ZDR token in the NFT eBook system provides a number of benefits. By using a decentralized cryptocurrency, we ensure that payments are fast, cheap, and secure. The ZDR token also creates a new source of value for users, who can earn discounts and rewards for their participation in the platform. Overall, the use of the ZDR token creates a more efficient and equitable ecosystem for the eBook industry.

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